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Stream Data Processing

Real-time streaming data scenarios with multiple ingestion points

Sophisticated data-treatment and non-stop operation

Data Integration

Multi-faceted data integration scenarios which require fast and reliable connectivity to a variety of real-time and non-real-time data sources and sinks.

Edge Computing

Deployment in sophisticated distributed environments.

Typical for edge-computing setups where computing needs to be autonomous and spread over geographies.

Complex Event Processing

Typical complex-message-processing scenarios which require utmost flexibility, scalability and adaptability.

Data Transformation

Transform data from one shape into another.

Apply any sort of data enrichment, filtering and routing. Feed into any target.

Data Mediation

Typical data mediation scenarios.

Involving elements of data transformation, multi-connectivity, complex custom data formats, massive data volumes.

Batch Data Processing

Traditional batch processing, but in a cloud-native architecture and at much larger scale than possible with legacy systems.

Corporate API Hub

Establishment of a corporate API layer which acts as the single gateway from/to systems internal and external to the business.


Big data loading and transformation routines for small to very large and complex scenarios.

Data Filtering

Filtering data from streams based on custom filtering rules.

Systems Monitoring

Feeding systems data from any data-source in real-time for the purpose of systems-monitoring.

Many more

The use cases for in its field of expertise are virtually endless. Any industry which is already highly digitized or is undergoing digital transformation likely requires What's your use case?