Fast event data integration. What makes different?

Configure your custom logic within the workflows either through UI-guided interfaces or by way of integrated javascript.

Microservices by configuration!

resilient high-performance real-time processing

configurable event-workflows

data awareness

out-of-the-box connectivity

cloud-native architecture

distributed reactive data integration

reactive engine mesh

The Reactive Engine

At the heart of’s processing power is the reactive engine. This component provides everything necessary to execute workflows, scale up and out, provide the resiliency and much much more.

The core of the engine utilizes akka streams, the popular open source toolkit.

The engine is lightweight and made for deployment highly distributed environments as well as on a single Raspberry Pi.

Main Engine Features


Embraces the reactive processing paradigm. Fully built on akka-streams at the core.


Scales within one engine instance and beyond across multiple engines and distributed nodes.


Failover safe in distributed environments. Full 24/7 operation and upgradability.

One-click deploy

Deploy changed configurations with one click. Automatic setup propagation throughout cluster.


Automatic and configurable load balancing across engine instances and nodes.

Data aware

Support for any data format by configuration of respective grammars.

Real-time and batch

Run both real-time and batch data integrations using the same platform.


Supports Linux, Windows and MacOS operating systems.

Distributed / Edge

Deployment in sophisticated distributed environments. typical for edge computing setups where computing needs to be autonomous and spread over geographies.


Run as a transparent cluster in containerized dsitributed environments utilizing Docker and Kubernetes, et al.

Setup, deployment and operation via a comprehensive web interface.

One interface enables you to configure everything from zero to full-blown distributed solutions.

Web-based state-of-the art interface

Drag-and-drop workflow design

Complete configuration of data formats

Business logic through UI and javascript

Interactive testing of interfaces

Deploy to cluster from UI

Production monitoring and operations

reactive engine mesh

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