Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use the software for free?
Yes. You can use the software for free. No strings attached. Our license terms apply, however.
Why would I want to be a paying customer, and how do I become one?
You want to become a customer if you
- Need top-notch support for your mission-critical setup
- Want us to assisst with your setup
- Want to have access to early releases
- There may be features in paid-only versions in the future
I don't understand some of the things. Where can I get help?
Take a look at the documentation first, contact us through our contact page, or simply via email at
Where can I find more detailed information?
Please just contact us. We are happy to answer your questions! You can also take a look at the documentation (which is always work in progress ...).
Can you give me a demo?
Absolutely. Just ping us and we will set something up for you.
Is open source?
No. Not at the moment. But we are thinking about open-sourcing it, and giving back to the community.
Why not just build microservices myself?
You can, but you will not come close to what has to offer. Here are some more thoughts:
Can feed into Prometheus/Grafana?
Yes. supports a range of standard operational metrics as well as custom metrics to support your individual needs.