event-processing platform based on akka streams

create an indefinite number of event-based solutions from streamed data to batch processing, from small-scale transformation to super large scale, distributed edge scenarios.

Looking for Pilots

We’re a young, but very eager startup. Let us know about your requirements and whether you would be interested in doing a joint pilot. Your use case and

what does have to offer?

a platform to simplify event processing previously only accessible through programming tools. is an event-processing platform which combines high-configurability and operations with the power of akka streams.

it can handle massive amounts of real-time data for a myriad of use cases either locally or in a fully distributed and resilient fashion.

define individual workflows, business logic, and deal with any data format, source or sink, simply by configuration.

no custom object coding. instead let a product do the job.

configure, don’t code

configure stream logic per node in workflow fashion.

know your data

don’t just push data. know it and do something with it using built-in data format awareness.

generic format asset editor

connect to pretty much anything

pick from a broad selection of connectors for your specific needs.

auto-deploy and monitor

automatically deploy configurations in seconds into hot environments. monitor and operate.

run on your laptop

configure and run everything on your off-the-shelf laptop. great for individual manipulation scenarios

run in XXXL distributed environments

where feels most at home. pick-up and handle data at its origin. from edge to cloud. is amazing


Automatically adapts to changing workloads and balances across nodes based on intelligent algorithms.


Deploys locally on a single node, or in geographically scattered environments as if it were one system.


You can literally shoot a bullet through it, and it will just keep going. Keeping your business operational at all times.


Connects to all popular and not so popular data sources and sinks. Both in real-time and batch.


Supports any processing and service scenario, no matter how individual by mere configuration.

ludicrously fast

It’s fast, really fast. And this translates to a minimized latency, smaller hardware and much less cost.