reactive event data processing at scale is an opinionated event data processing platform designed for XXL to small scenarios.

It utilizes the power of reactive stream management wrapped in an easy-to-use configuration, deployment and execution framework.

Reactive Cluster

One platform. Endless solutions.

If data volume and real-time are your challenges, can fix this. No matter your use case, no matter your industry.

  • Slow is the new Down

    Orchestrate Data in Real-Time is an event-data-processing platform which combines high-configurability and operations with the power of reactive stream management.

    It can handle massive amounts of real-time and batch event- data for a myriad of use cases, either locally or in a fully distributed and resilient fashion.

    Define individual workflows, business logic, and deal with any data format, source or sink, simply by configuration.

  • Integration

    Connect the World

    Being real-time and fast is not enough. connects to your existing environment as well as your external datasphere.

    Whether its databases, Rest-APIs, files, Kafka, other applications, or something else: Hook up to anything and integrate it into you message-data-processing architecture.

    At the same time, doesn't just pass data through, it literally understands data of almost any kind and structure. Work with data, instead of just moving it.

  • Run where it's best

    Distributed Data Processing at Scale allows a sheer endless combination of setups and use cases.

    A Reactive Cluster can spread across geographic locations (edge / fog / cloud & data center), but maintain one coherent virtual data mesh.

    Analyze and process data close to the source of origin. Speed up response times and reduce transmission and latency overhead by only conveying data when necessary.

  • Complete your Kafka-driven infrastructure

    Kafka Companion

    If your event-driven infrastructure relies on Kafka, then you know that it can only be part of your message processing story. truly complements Kafka in that it supplies the necessary workflow logic features while providing the same kind of resilience, scalability and real-time capabilities as Kafka.

    Connect Kafka to and experience one coherent message processing architecture for once.

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At freenet, integrates numerous high-volume services and databases from private and public cloud.

It has replaced our legacy mission-critical solution with a cloud-native, resilient, scalable and real-time architecture. As a result, we are able to handle massive volume, have become more agile, and have reduced resources by an impressive 75%.

We made a first-class citizen in our technology stack and are working on further deployments.

Thomas Reimann freenet
Thomas Reimann
Head of Billing & Backend, freenet
freenet is Europe's largest MVNO and Digital Lifestyle Provider with more than 10 million customers.

Powerful Data Integration

The one event data processor you will need

A perfect combination between UI-assisted configuration and low-code business-logic.


It’s fast, really fast. And this translates to minimized latency, smaller hardware and much less cost.


Automatically adapts to changing workloads and balances across nodes based on intelligent algorithms.


Connects to all popular and not so popular data sources and sinks. Both in real-time and batch.


Deploys locally on a single node, or in geographically scattered environments as if it were one system.


Nodes take on other Node's work until rejoin.


Works on current Linux, MacOS and Windows operating system versions.


Supports any processing and service scenario, no matter how individual by mere configuration.

One-click deployment

Deploy even to a multiple nodes with only one-click.